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  • picture of ultrafast green laser with black background
    Ultrafast Lasers

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    UGA Chemistry

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    Free Radicals

Ultrafast Spectrscopy with Frequency Combs

We are an interdisciplinary group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, combining the tools of physics and optical engineering to study pertinent problems in physical chemistry and quantum mechanics. 

In short, we exploit the properties of frequency comb lasers for improving techniques in ultrafast spectroscopy. We are building up a new ultrafast and ultrasensitive transient absorption spectrometer. This will involve building Yb:fiber laser frequency combs and coupling them to optical resonator cavities to enhance both the power and sensitivity of the technique. We are also taking some recent technical developments and working on new analytical instrumentation.



We are looking for motivated graduate students in Physics, Engineering, or Chemistry to join the team! Contact me to learn more about our research program and specific opportunities. We have projects that focus on fundamental sciences as well as more applied projects that have commercialization potential. 

If you are an Undergraduate in Chemistry, Engineering, or Physics and are interested in working in a research lab, we often have research projects for undergraduates too. Currently, we have several projects involving optics, electronics, or vacuum component design that would be well suited for engineers. If you are interested, please email me for details. In addition, if you are an undergraduate at UGA or elsewhere and are interested in doing summer research, check out our Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities program. Information and application can be found here: .